Thursday, September 1, 2011

What we Wore @ Carnival

On the First day of St. Lucia Carnival 2011, I wore a very simple dress from Forever21 (I think) gifted to me by Joe. Yellow is my favorite color because it makes me so happy, and this dress was so perfectly cool on a really hot day. This is my Mom and I waiting to see the bands go by.
Mom gifted me the frog necklace I'm wearing. I rarely wear jewelry but this one is just too cute.

Joe wore a sweet, white cotton dress with a brown belt and simple head band.
On day 2 Bunny wore a cutie-pie romper that Joe made her few days before. I helped pick out the fabric and it was Joe’s first attempt. She did not even have a pattern! I think she did an excellent job, even though she didn’t finish it. Can you tell?

Do you make your own clothes?

Island Girl xoxo

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