Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carnival Restyle - Feather Head Band

During Carnival I was overwhelmed by the amount of feathers in all those beautiful head pieces. I only thought to ask people for their pieces after Carnival, by which time most had abandoned theirs somewhere along the road side. I can imagine they can become a hindrance when all you want to do is jump and wave down the stretch.

I did manage to get a few and they will keep me busy for a while. So here's my first feather project and a Carnival Restyle too!
This photo just made me realized that I labeled the last one incorrectly. The piece there is not a head piece but it was the only one I photographed. I actually used a head piece for the restyle.
This is my first attempt and I quite liked it, as did my sister and little Bunny. I used only what I had on hand at home; beads, shells and cord.
So here's the before and after with my Bunny modeling the head band! ( Posted here in the Project Restyle Flicker group). Check out all the other cute restyles, there are some great ideas!

Island Girl xoxo

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